All experiences we have are individual and collective simultaneously. They are inscribed into our bodies, manifesting and becoming visible in the way we walk, in how we sit, breathe, rest, speak, smile and cry — in short,  in everything we do. 


Observing our bodies shows us how society has shaped us, including how relationships of power have influenced our lives.


Working with the body, we learn not to shrink or cut ourselves off. Instead, we are given tools to love and welcome ourselves. We learn to feel fear and rage and use these as sources of transformation. We are shown ways to feel safe and trust our curiosity and creativity. Through the Panterei Approach, we learn to dare to dream, to use our visions to create a new reality.


Embodiment is a crucial phenomenon in which social transformation can happen in the most private of spaces. In it, we can break down overwhelming and abstract topics and embody transformation for ourselves and for society.