The Pantarei Approach is a bodywork method aimed to improve your well-being, access your potential and strengths and bring change to your life. It does so through touch, breath, movement and verbal communication.

Pantarei Approach is a new, innovative branch of somatic coaching. It is derived from the Grinberg Method, which is internationally known.

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Bodywork aims to develop self-respect. Through it, we learn to recognize what our body is saying: this is the first step towards embracing a wider vision of ourselves, our needs, our values, our strengths. As a result of being seen by the practitioner and ourselves, the Pantarei Approach allows us to activate our natural ability to recover, helps us reorganize our goals and strategies and ultimately find harmony.


We tend to react to stress and fear by controlling our environment and behavior. By listening to our bodies, we can find an alternative way of addressing challenges head-on rather than anchoring ourselves to  them. This gives us the possibility of reconnecting to our own truths, helping us carve a path through overwhelming external impulses.