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I have always loved the intensity of my emotions, despite not always knowing how to deal with them. Society tells us strong emotions are dysfunctional and irrational. I found psychological therapies very insightful but also knew that for me, the intellectual process was not enough.


Bodywork gave me a way to feel intensely without getting lost. It allowed me to construct a bigger picture from my emotions that revealed the truth of my life to myself. I reframed my emotions, making way for a more profound meaning.







We can create a new society only if transformation is embedded in our daily lives: art and bodywork can make this possible. Individual transformations have a wider implication and can catalyze change on a larger scale: when we have enough resources and strength as individuals, we can begin taking care of our environment.


In 2015, I founded the collective „Heart*istic", bringing together the realms of art production, community building, activism and education. In 2019, I set up the open, grassroots platform "Women_ Making Art in Public Space". If you are interested, please contact me.